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To a Healthy New YOU!

Starts Monday April 6, 2015.

This program will:

1. Give you the motivation to get the job done
2. Reduce food cravings and make your life simple
3. Enable you to lose 8-18 lbs. ( many have lost more)  in 30 days
4. Demonstrate how much food choices matter in weight loss and overall health

To enroll in this program please […]

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Meet Joe Spatarella, chief marketing officer of  Online Banking Solutions! This is no ordinary meet up though. Over the next several months Joe and I go at health and fitness head on!

I’ve been training Joe in the gym over at the Serenata Beach Club in Ponte Vedra, Florida for over 6 months now, and although […]

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With just over two weeks to Christmas, I consider it a small miracle that you opened this newsletter. I know your to-do list is getting longer by the minute, but I am hoping you’ll take the time to do something that none of us do enough of. Five minutes, that’s all you’ll need.

While we’re […]

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Welcome to the Age of Living Smart

One year ago today, the readers of Bodysmart News and I began a conversation about how our lifestyles can become smarter.

One year into this new beginning, the signs of a smarter health conscious group of people in our local communities are evident. Smarter thinking is creating a more sophisticated mindset of what […]

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In this week’s blog, I want to tell you about a new trial program I am running beginning  November 17th. I wanted to let you know ahead of time before you continue to read because I rarely market programs on my blog.

The program starts Monday  November 17th  and is designed for people who desire to […]

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The Core: Why it is Important/How to Get it Lean!   

My experience in helping people obtain a stronger core is usually initiated through their desire to have a leaner looking waistline. Although this is a good reason to get working on core development, hopefully last week’s article sparked several more motivational reasons for obtaining a […]

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The number one most common question I receive as a trainer is this: What exercises are best for decreasing the excess fat surrounding my waist?  It’s a great question. And over the next several weeks, I will be addressing the reasons for strong abdominal muscles, as well as what we may do diet-wise and exercise-wise […]

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Some years ago, when I considered myself a runner in the classic sense of actually living and breathing the runner’s lifestyle, there was a popular 10 kilometer race in Milan, Ohio. The race was a highlight of the very popular, annual Milan Melon Festival. It was always held over the Labor Day weekend. Each year […]

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In our information laden society most people agree that knowledge is power.  Depending on the type of information, knowledge can be easy, or not so easy to apply. Those that do apply new knowledge in the areas of health and fitness, most would agree, reap the highest rewards.  No-nonsense, tried-and-true, lifestyle information such as eating […]

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Back in 1960, the U. S. Navy coined KISS as an  acronym for “Keep itsimple, stupid“. It was their design principle during a time when […]

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