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Written By: Kim Miller on December 6, 2014 8 Comments
Welcome to the Age of Living Smart

One year ago today, the readers of Bodysmart News and I began a conversation about how our lifestyles can become smarter.

One year into this new beginning, the signs of a smarter health conscious group of people in our local communities are evident. Smarter thinking is creating a more sophisticated mindset of what […]

Written By: Kim Miller on January 25, 2012 One Comment
Changing The DNA of The Traditional Dieter

A while back, I started a project called Movement is Life, which is still running and provides many of my clients with weekly progressive online cardiovascular exercises designed for healthy living and weight loss. As I look back into why it has taken off, I realize that movement is the impetus […]

Written By: Kim Miller on August 1, 2011 2 Comments

Many of you have been reading my blog for a couple of years now. And it has occured to me that often times I write very differently than other health writers. This may be viewed as a positive trait by some yet a negative trait by others. Hopefully you are in the former group! […]

Written By: Kim Miller on July 11, 2011 No Comment
Getting Fit and Keeping Fit the Smart, Savvy, New Generation’s Way

Do you ever wonder why you are successful at managing your career, your kids, your budget, and your often crazy social calendar, but for some mad reason, you can’t manage your weight? You’ve got what it takes – you just need a little coaching.

“Do not look for expensive cures, new age fads.
Examine […]

Written By: Kim Miller on May 3, 2011 3 Comments
Work and Play the Old World Way And A Stretching Plan For Your Home and Garden Projects.

Two years, nine months, and some odd days ago, I described to a friend the perfect day. I would live as the old country Italians lived. There would be no rigorously set schedules to follow. The day’s work, play, family attentions, social gatherings, and personal responsibilities would flow freely, and naturally together. […]

Written By: Kim Miller on April 5, 2011 6 Comments
Bring Your Fitness Attitude to a Whole New Level with Coco Chanel

Do you ever wonder why you have a great attitude about your career, family, and often-crazy social calendar, but there is a little attitude adjustment needed when it comes to scheduling your daily workouts in? Here’s a secret. You’ve got what it takes – you just need a little fashion-fitness attitude to get […]

Written By: Kim Miller on January 24, 2011 No Comment
Road to Weight Loss (Part 3 of 6 Weeks)

Lifestyle change is about progress not perfection. Today is the 15th day of a 6 -week journey on the path to feeling good, looking good, and performing great at any age. We begin the 3rd week of our trip by exploring today’s mind connection- progress not perfection. But pause for a moment […]

Written By: Kim Miller on September 28, 2009 One Comment

“We are not only what we read, we are how we read,” says Maryanne Wolf, a developmental Psychologists at Tufts University and the author of Proust and the Squid: The story and Science of the Reading […]

Written By: Kim Miller on May 31, 2009 41 Comments

I read an article the other day by an author who intrigued me with a statement that seemed at first to be contradictory. He said that in order for big changes to occur, we basically have to say, ” I give up.” The article was a little more philosophical than I like, but the […]

Written By: Kim Miller on May 24, 2009 7 Comments

“Most people would agree that our body would rebel if we asked it to go from an eight-minute mile run one day to a six-minute mile run the next. Yet in our fervor to diet down to the perfect weight, we ask our brains to do the same by drastically changing our lifestyle habits in […]

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